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ABOUT Jacqueline Valdez

Jacqueline Valdez Studio Owner, Certified Fitness Instructor, Professional Dancer and Choreographer, & Talk Show Host.

Jacqueline Valdez is dedicated to inspiring others to live healthy and empowered lives through movement. A certified fitness instructor, professional dancer & choreographer, journalist and talk show host, Jacqueline brings unparalleled expertise, and insight to her clients and audience.

In her private studio, Jacqueline Valdez offers crafts personalized programs that cater to the unique needs of each client. With her expertise and dedication, she provides matchless guidance and support on the journey to health and empowerment through movement.

Throughout decades of professional engagement in theater and dance, Jacqueline discovered the transformative power of Pilates and yoga in enhancing her performance, managing injuries, and maintaining peak physical condition. Following a career-altering car accident, Pilates became her passion, enabling her to rebuild her physical and mental well-being through movement.

As she embarked on her journey of recovery, Jacqueline explored various empowering
movement practices, including pole dancing, where her graceful style earned her an
appearance on America’s Got Talent. Her talents extended to the competitive arena, where she clinched multiple gold and silver medals in pole fitness competitions. A uniquely graceful style of dance, Valdez was affectionately named The Pole Ballerina (by Pole World News).

Inspired by her resilience and driven by a desire to inspire others, Jacqueline transitioned into the role of journalist and talk show host, conducting insightful interviews with celebrities worldwide. Her talk show, Jacqueline Valdez Live, emerged as a beacon of positivity during the pandemic, offering a platform to share stories of hope and resilience amidst challenging times. Her articles regularly appear in X-Pole, Sheen Magazine and Pole World News.

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Jacqueline Valdez Studio offers Pilates, Yoga Flow, Barre, Ballroom, Adult Ballet, Pole Dance Classes and Parties.

Healthy movement is fun and empowering!


Jacqueline Valdez Studio
4003 NW 18th place Gainesville, Fl 32605
Jacqueline Valdez Studio crafts personalized programs that cater to the unique needs of each client.
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