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Illuminating the world, one voice at a time.

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The positive platform that features celebrities to shed light along with

journalist, Jacqueline Valdez.

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The rise of
Jacqueline Valdez

Jacqueline's start of interviewing celebrities live around the globe began with Pole World News. Shortly after she was hosting red carpets and radio interviews. During the start of the pandemic she began to interview all styles of celebrities writing and hosting live stream interviews for Sheen Magazine and X-Pole. From the darkness of the pandemic, the journalist within Jacqueline began to shine along with her talk show that is streamed live to multiple social media platforms, globally engaging the souls that need to be uplifted and installing hope for a brighter future. Discover the collection of positive conversations spotlighting the stories, life-changing events and experiences of diverse, rising stars and celebrities. Jacqueline's authentic connection reveals the beautiful, raw colors of each of her guests. Experience a full-dynamic array of emotions through these transparent, meaningful, uplifting moments. Be motivated and be inspired. 

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